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АвтоСофт - программы для автосервиса


The short description

Create the 3D spare parts catalogue by yourself!

  • System "Companion-Integrator" is intended for creation 3D catalogues of details (spare parts) on the basis of the models developed in the program ASCON-COMPAS.
  • the System reduces losses of working hours and discrepancy at creation of orders of details by means of the generated 3D catalogues.
  • the System can be applied at all enterprises where the program ASCON-COMPAS is used and developed 3D models are available or planned to be created.
  • If you wish to create true 3D catalogues, for the fast and convenient order of details at your firm, this solution is for you!
  • Advantages: the minimum cost of electronic catalogues duplicating, simplicity of the distribution kit manufacturing, minimal requirements to a system environment on computers of your clients, minimisation of customer errors and product returns.

    The System of preparation electronic interactive 3D catalogues of spare parts - Companion-Integrator
    Creation of interactive 3D catalogues on the basis of 3D models designed in the program ASCON-COMPAS. The System consists of two parts:
    1) Companion-Catalogue - a client part. Ensures operating of your client with the spare parts 3D catalogue created by you.
    2) Companion-Integrator - an administrative part. Allows to form catalogues.

    Possibilities of the system Companion-Catalogue:

  • Review 3D images
  • Search of details in catalogue by original numbers and names
  • Printing of the image with the nomenclature list
  • Addition of details in the order basket
  • Creation of orders for details
  • Minimize customer errors and product returns
  • Transmission of the order to the supplier
  • Review of photos of details
  • Loading of upgrades of the catalogue through the Internet

  • Possibilities of the system Companion-Integrator:

  • Creation of 3D-catalogues on the basis of 3D assemblages made in the program ASCON-COMPAS
  • Creation of the photo-catalogue of separate assemblies
  • Distribution kit Creation of the system Companion-Catalogue for distribution among clients and representatives
  • Creation of upgrades of the catalogue for your clients through the Internet


    It is not required for the System

  • presence of the programm ASCON-COMPAS on the computer of your client is not required for the System
  • database server presence is not required for the System, by operation with a database in a local variant

  • Requirements to the computer


  • the Computer on the basis of the processor Intel Pentium III and above, or compatible
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive for program installation, or a network and access on a network to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive
  • the Recommended memory size - 512 Mb and more

  • Software

  • the Operating system - Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.
  • When program network-operation, the network working with TCP/IP protocol is necessary. In the presence of the internetwork screen between the server and the client the port 3050/tcp should be opened.

  • If you have any questions or offers on cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

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