AutoSoft - разработка и внедрение профессионального программного обеспечения для автобизнеса

Международный Проект по объединению и стандартизации каталогов сборочных единиц и деталей, создаваемых автозаводами и крупными предприятиями-производителями техники

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АвтоСофт - программы для автосервиса

Briefly about AutoSoft Company in English

AutoSoft Company, Ltd. is one of the leading developers of the specialized software for business-processes automation at the enterprises of automobile and allied industries. AutoSoft carries out the activity in the market of computer technologies for the domestic autoindustry since 1997 year, being one of the pioneers in this area. For this time the company saves up a wide experience which helps it with goals achievement, namely: in development of high-quality products and competent, fast introduction of the systems on the various enterprises.

«AutoSoft» is already well-known trademark owing to high quality, efficiency and reliability of our software, and also the developed network of representatives which promote wider distribution of high technologies, creating the base to increase performance of thousand enterprises across all Russia and the countries of the near abroad.

At present our network of official representatives (dealers and distributors) totals already more than thirty five units!
The countries with distributors: the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

The program complex developed and distributed by the experts of our company, consists of a lot business-decisions which can function together, giving complex automation, or separately, solving concrete, narrower circle of problems. Products are executed in view of specificity of a car repair service, they are capable to automate all document circulation from acceptance of the car on repair to departure the territory of car-care center, allow to conduct the warehouse account and realization of spare parts, using their "correct" catalogue numbers and names.

For the purposes of formation DMS we suggest to get the following products:

  • «AutoShow» (automation of sale process of new and used cars),
  • «AutoEnterprise» (the warehouse account of materials and accounting of works, the automation of document circulation, conducting directories, calculations, analytics, the reporting. The network variant, some organizations, some warehouses, includes the standard base of repair times),
  • the expanded base of repair times «RepairTimes SP2» (optionally, includes more than 40 million norms of repair times for import cars with illustrations),
  • «AutoCatalogue» (the electronic catalogue of spare parts),
  • «DirectControl» (organizer)

Also we can offer the next business solutions:
«Auto expertise» - the program of car cost calculation in view of its technical condition, natural deterioration and obsolescence, cost of spare parts, works and the materials necessary for its restoration up to the condition, adequating to the general technical requirements of safety.

«AutoCatalogue-shop-online» - the program development for the organizations, engaged in saling spare parts through the Internet. Actually it is the Internet-shop of autospare parts working as independently, and in structure of already existing the Internet-platform.

The software developed by AutoSoft Company allows to save resources of the enterprises, to raise productivity, profitability and profitableness due to essential reduction of time for registration of the documentation, search of the necessary information and data exchange between structural divisions. Also there is more precise and transparent system of business relations between the enterprise and its counterparts, partners, clients. Inside of the organizations there is an association of users, information and processes.

The AutoSoft systems are created in close cooperation with the autoorganizations. Each function of systems is developed under the request of users of programs, workers of car-care centers, autoshops, motor shows, etc. It favorably distinguishes programs of AutoSoft from analogues. Each problem is studied, the necessary and most correct approach to its decision is developed. The equipment and the software of the company allows to develop modern, simple in understanding and operation systems.

Besides primary activity on development and introduction of the professional software for car business AutoSoft conducts also a number of enough the important, interesting and perspective projects. For example «AutoCatalogue-RETRO» - the electronic catalogue of spare parts for the help in restoration of ancient cars.

Advantages of AutoSoft production

  • powerful functionality and safety in operation
  • convenience and simplicity in use
  • constant support from developers
  • fast introduction and a high adaptability
  • short times of investments recoupment
  • decrease in administrative charges
  • increase of productivity and profitability

Autosoft Company, Ltd - is the open organization, and we are glad to any new contacts which allow to provide the further development and mutually advantageous cooperation. If you have any questions or offers on cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

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